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Ballroom Exchange is a marketplace, in partnership with Jones Dancesport Ballroom, that allows users who comply with our policies to sell and buy ballroom goods. Maximize your profits with the lowest commission of any other ballroom consignment shop. Enjoy the benefits of quick turnover when you list in an established online ballroom community. Need it sold yesterday? Click Here to contact us about viewing our contract to list your ballroom item for sale.


Accepted Designers:

A well-designed dress is made to be seen on the floor. We work hard to provide our shoppers with the best quality ballroom dress to enhance their dancing. Because of this, the Ballroom Exchange will only accept dresses from the following designers:

· Vesa

· Grand Amour

· AP Glamour

· Elle Dance Studio

· Jordy

· Dore Design

· Donna Inc.

· Chrisanne 

· Randall Designs

· Anabell’s

· Designs to Shine

· Artistry in Motion

· LeNique


Terms of Fees:

Listings take time to prepare and advertise. Because of this, we ask that sellers pay a listing fee for the preparation of each item.

Listing Fee: $25 per dress


All items must be clean before submitting to the Ballroom Exchange for listing. If your item is not clean, you will incur a $50 cleaning fee. Also, any damage of the dress that is not disclosed prior to listing will result in a $200 repair fee.

Cleaning Fee: $50 per dress

Undisclosed Damage Fee: $200 per dress